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Vortex Wafer Wand


Wafer-Handling.Com offers vortex wafer wands that are pneuma-mechanical devices which handle either standard or fragile substrates without contact. (Similar pneuma-electrical devices already have found popularity in a variety of applications.)

A wide variety of vortex wand designs ease operations on the production floor for all kinds of applications including but not limited to:

* Use for 4”~12”, 50 µm thin to standard thickness; warped, bumped or perforated wafer, glass, or solar cell
* Compatibility with most standard cassettes, FOUP/FOSB & HWS (horizontal wafer shipping box)
* Side supporting rails maintain stability and permit safe wafer flipping
* Materials compatible for semiconductor wafer processing, ESD safe


Thin wafer handling wand Compatible with most horizontal shipping boxes Pad-suuport for back side picking


Handles 6", 8", 12" in diameter; 50 micron to 800 micron in thickness included bonded wafers

For circular, square and rectangular shape substrates or with carriers

Bridge type for 4"-6", 6"-8" with no or minimal change-over, size conversion kits available

Top Approach

Bottom Approach

Side Approach


Spec 200mm 300mm
Blade thickness <3mm <3mm
Wafer spacing to end effector 100µ ~ 500 µ 100µ ~ 500 µ
Wafer thickness 50µ - 800µ 50µ - 800µ
Compress air 20 ~ 60 PSI 20 ~ 60 PSI
Weight ~200g ~500g