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Pre-aligner (Vacuum Grip)


This vacuum grip pre-aligner centers and finds the notch or flats of a wafer with a higher-than-average speed. It has two models: one designed to work with a 4-axis SCARA or 6-axis robot (on-the-fly centering), one to work independently with a 3-axis r-theta robot with the company's proprietary edge gripper for centering. Both models offer high speed capability with ~2-second aligning time. The prealigner can handle 50 to 300mm with either software driven (no change-over) or manual (5-min change-over) adjusting. It can automatically recognize notches, flats and double flats on standard semi- or transparent wafers.

Optional features include lifting pin for blade type endeffector; aligning thin and warped wafers; high precision wafer alignment (sub 5-micron) and wafer-on-wafer alignments. We also offer manual-feed aligner and ID reader for non production/lab use.



Handles 2", 4", 5", 6", 8", 12" in diameter; 50 to 1000 micron in thickness

For circular, square and rectangular shape substrates or with carriers

Bridge type for 2"-12" Software-driven or manual adustable (minimal change-over)

For standard, semi- and transparent wafers

Works with 4-axis robot (one-axis)

Works with 3-axis robot (Self-centering and notch-finding)

With lifting pin for blade type end-effector

Without lifting pin for horseshoe type end-effector

Standard precision

High precision (sub 10 micron accuracy)


High Temperature

Chemical fumed environment


Spec Standard high precison
Repeatability Centering: +/-50 micron
Angular: 0.05 deg
Centering: +/-10 micron
Angular: 0.015 deg
Speed 1-2.5 sec 2~3 sec
Mechanical Interface Bottom-mount Bottom-mount
Electrical 24 VDC@2.5A max 24 VDC@2.5A max
Vacuum 20" Hg Min, connection 3/32" barbed 20" Hg Min, connection 3/32" barbed
Communication RS-232 serial (sumbminiature DB 15) RS-232 serial (sumbminiature DB 15)
Control Logic ASCII command string ASCII command string
Weight ~10 lb/4.5kg ~10 lb/4.5kg