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Edge Gripping End Effector


The sensor-controlled soft-touch mechanism sets apart the Intelligent Edge Grippers (IEGs) from competitors’. This unique feature means that gripping tips do not shoot on the wafer, but gently touch (hug) the wafer edge. The slightest contact between gripper tips and the wafer edge sends a signal to the device control mechanism, which in turn calculates and applies the applicable pre-programmed gripping force. Regardless of wafer diameter deviations, this feature prevents particle generation and enables a secure hold with constant gripping force.

The programmable gripping force feature enables specification of the desired gripping force. With its closed loop force-feedback, the mechanism prevents wafer stress while holding the wafer gently and securely. This feature helps achieve higher throughput, by allowing optimization of gripping force while factoring in variables such as robot speed and wafer stiffness.

Rotating distal gripping tips is a feature that allows for random access of 200mm wafers into small pitch cassette, boat or any narrow gates.



Handles 2", 4", 5", 6", 8", 12" in diameter; 300 micron to 6mm in thickness included bonded wafers

For circular, square and rectangular shape substrates or substrate with carriers (carrier wafer, frame, tape)

Bridge type for 4"-6", 6"-8" with no or minimal change-over, size conversion kits available

Top-approach /Top-pick


Edge-grip proximal centering

Tip-fix positioning (one axis)

Self-centering (two axis)

FOUP/BOSB, cassette, magazine, boat

Ultra thin blade for small pitch or thick wafers in a standard carrier

Wet environment

High Temperature

Chemical fumed environment


Spec 200mm 300mm
Programmable Gripping Force 1-8N 2-12N
Wafer Placing Accuracy

Angular<0.1 deg.
Linear<10 mircon

Angular<0.1 deg.
Linear<10 mircon
Allowable Wafer Misalignment +-5mm +-5mm
Grip/un-grip time 0.25 sec 0.25 sec
Min. cassette Pitch 6mm 10mm
Power Consumption 0.35A/24V DC 0.35A/24V DC
Robot Intertace RS232, RS485, RS422, CAN, I/O RS232, RS485, RS422, CAN, I/O