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Vortex Gripping End Effector

Technology’s vortex end effector provides superior handling of all types of wafers, including thin wafers, with only edge contact between the wafer and the end effector. The gripper’s minimal airflow requirements and our edge grip Soft-Touch feature clearly distinguishes it from other wafer handling products. By integrating our Soft Touch mechanism, the end effector overcomes any potential problems associated with thin wafer handling such as side ward shifting or rotation, while sparing the wafer the harsh handling of a pneumatic edge grip.

An optical wafer presence sensor, integrated within the end effector, allows the robot to activate the Soft Touch mechanism at precisely the right time. The grip mechanism lets the robot know that the grip was successful, and can report the wafer’s actual diameter for improved placement precision.



Handles 4", 5", 6", 8", 12" in diameter; 50 micron to 800 micron in thickness

For circular, square and rectangular shape substrates or with carriers

Max 8mm warpage/bow, and potato-chip like thin wafer

Top Approach

Bottom Approach

Tip-fix positioning (one-axis)

Self-centering (two axis)

Self-centering (two axis)

FOUP, cassette, boat

Ultra thin blade for small pitch

High Temperature


Chemical fumed environ


Spec 200mm 300mm
Wafer thickness 50 µm -800 µm 50 µm -800 µm
Wafer spacing to end effector ~100 µm ~100 µm
Power consumption 12/24V, 350mV 12/24V, 350mV
Compress air 60 PSI 60 PSI
Control Logic ASCII command string or digital I/O ASCII command string or digital I/O
Communication I/O (6 wires), RS232, RS485 or CAN I/O (6 wires), RS232, RS485 or CAN