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Wafer Aligner
Wafer Aligner’s high intelligence aligner is a powerful wafer alignment solution that yields repeatability of ± 25 µm (radial) & ± 0.02° (angular). A safe aligner for thin / warped or fragile wafers with its SoftTouch programmable gripping force. 6”/8” bridge edge grip aligner now available.

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End Effector
Vortex & Edge End Effector

Applied the Soft Touch mechanism means that gripping tips do not shoot on the wafer, but gently touch (hug) the wafer edge. Its rotating distal gripping tips is a feature that allows for random access of 200mm wafers into small pitch cassette, boat or any narrow gates.

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Mapping Sensor
Mapping Sensor

Wafer-Handling.Com’s wafer mapping sensors offer a cost effective and reliable means of mapping wafers and detecting slotting errors in all kinds of slotted carriers regardless of size, substrate material, or coatings.

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Tilt station
Tilt Station

This 8” wafer tilt rotation station is designed for special wafers (thin and warped wafers or thick bonded wafers), it grabs only at the exclusion zone to free rotation and 245˚ tilt. It can be a stand-alone visual macro inspection and/or a sub-system to be integrated to your inspection system with simple TCP/IP communication.

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FOUP Loadport
FOUP Loadport

· Support FOUP/FOSB/cassette.
· For 8" and 12" wafers.
· Communication: RS458, Ethernet
· Detects presence of two wafers in single slot.
· Detection characteristics vary for each FOUP.

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Robot Flipper
Robot Flipper

· Flipper with absolute encoder
· ±270 degree rotation
· 8 elelctical wires
· Option-vacuum or air lines

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When a wafer is too precious to break or chip...

The reason for choosing is when you need a handling tool that keeps 100% of your wafers from breakage, chipping and contamination; or when the 3-decade old vacuum hanlders hit the limit of handling today's wafers...

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demo Edge grip end effector
SoftTouch mechanism with programmable gripping force

demo Vacuum end effector
Provides superior handling of all types of wafers, including thin wafers

demo Flipper for all brands of robots
Flipper with absolute encoder
±270 degree rotation

demo High speed edge grip aligner
Regardless of wafer size and thickness deviations the edge grip mechanism
Wafer gripper with built-in mapper Built in through beam mapping sensor
Accurately detects empty slots and cross slotted or double slotted wafers
demo Tilt rotation station
Grabs only at the exclusion zone to free rotation and 245˚ tilt
demo FOUP loadport
Support FOUP/FOSB/cassette.
For 8" and 12" wafers.
demo Vacuum grip aligner
Centers and finds the notch or flats of a wafer with a higher-than-average speed