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As the semiconductor world pursues new process technology for next generation product, it brings profound difficulty and complexity of wafer handling on the manufacturing floor. The 3-decade old vacuum grip handling and aligning methods are inadequate to handle many new exotic wafers. is a company in Silicon Valley established to meet today and tomorrow's wafer handling needs. With the acquired market-proven intellectual property, is equipped with 15-year experience in developing intelligent wafer handlers for robotic automation to serve global robotic companies and semiconductor or photovoltaic tool makers. We offer standard plug-and-play and custom products that are compatible to most robots in the market. With the sophisticate sensors designed in each product, it prevents wafer breakage and edge-chipping. We also offer hybrid types product such as vacuum or edge gripper with built-in mapper to improve tool's footprint; or compatible aligner with integrated wafer ID readers or color sensor to drop-in for replacement.

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Core Technology

Vortex Principle

This vortex type component is contactless: the compressed air arrives at the vortex cup tangent to the circumference and creates an area of very low pressure in the center of the cup. The low pressure creates lifting force similar to vacuum suction cup, but at the same time air needs a space to escape and creates gap between wafer and cup edge. The exiting laminar air flow prevents the wafer from contacting the blade while the low pressure at the center of the cups holding the wafer in place.


The slightest contact between gripper tips and the wafer edge sends a signal to the device’s control mechanism, which in turn calculates and applies the applicable pre-programmed gripping force. Regardless of wafer diameter deviations, this feature prevents particle generation and enables secure hold with constant gripping force.