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Add-on Flipping


These electrically controlled wafer flippers can be integrated with most robots in the market. They can be used with both vacuum end-effectors and electrical wafer edge grippers. The ± 270° rotation capability gives your tool the flexibility of handling wafers from both sides.

The absolute encoder used in our flippers increases positioning accuracy, improves wafer-handling security and simplifies programming and operation. With unmatched features like high torque, high speed, compact size, multiple preset speed for improving throughput, and the option of adjusting parameters for highly smooth rotation (important for handling fragile substrates), the flipper will significantly improve your robotic system performance with very limited development cost and time.




Electrical + Vacuum

Electrical +Air

Vacuum + Air


Resolution 0.01 deg
Torgue 14 N.m
Speed 450 degree / sec
Rotation range +/- 275 deg
Backlash Zero
Power Consumption 24V, 350mW