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Sensor & Mapper


Our wafer mapping sensor offers a cost-effective and reliable detection of slotting errors in cassettes or FOUPs. This mapper can detect any double-, empty- and cross-slotted status and wafer-misplacement. It can map all sorts of wafers regardless of wafer coating, edge geometry and thickness. It outperforms most reflective type mappers in detecting low reflectivity wafers, transparent wafers and thin warped wafers. It works with compressed pitch and with minimal engagement (≥3mm) from wafer edge. They are immune to ambient light to keep highly stable detection performance. It's a plug-and-play module and compatible with most popular brands.

Most of the sensors can be stand-alone products or integrated with edge or vacuum grip end-effectors perfect for working in a limited space.



Handles 2", 4", 5", 6", 8", 12" in diameter; 50 micron to 6mm in thickness included bonded wafers

For circular, square and rectangular shape substrates or with carriers

Bridge type for 4"-6", 6"-8", 8"-12"


High Temperature

Chemical fumed environ


Spec 150/200mm 300mm
NPN open collector 100mA 100mA
Laser class Class 1 Class 1
Wavelength 680nm 680nm
Ambient light protection Incorporated Incorporated
Compressed cassette pitch ~5mm ~5mm
Wafer Placing Accuracy 24V/250mW 24V/250mW
Temperature 0~60 deg 0~60 deg
Humidity 35~85% 35~85%