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Edge Grip

Our edge grip aligner is a powerful plug-and-play solution that completes high accuracy wafer alignment in under 10 seconds. The aligner incorporates the features from our innovative line of edge grippers, shortening the overall cycle time. The aligner's soft-touch mechanism with programmable gripping force enables the gripping tips to gently touch the wafer, preventing wafer stress and particle generation. Regardless of wafer size and thickness deviations, it maintains a secure hold with constant optimized gripping force, helping you achieve higher throughput.

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The aligner comes with our edge grip self-centering feature that allows you to achieve significantly higher reliability and helps minimize particle creation associated with friction during wafer shifts and drops. As with all of our wafer-handling products, the aligner has been proven to have absolutely no back side contamination. The aligner is equipped with graphical user interface that provides simple and fast setup and modification. The aligner uses available system power and is compatible with most operating systems and hardware platforms. RS-232, RS-485, or Ethernet ports allow for standalone and networked operation.

Vacuum Grip

This vacuum grip pre-aligner centers and finds the notch or flats of a wafer with a higher-than-average speed. It has two models: one designed to work with a 4-axis SCARA or 6-axis robot (on-the-fly centering), one to work independently with a 3-axis r-theta robot with the company's proprietary edge gripper for centering. Both models offer high speed capability with ~2-second aligning time. The prealigner can handle 50 to 300mm with either software driven (no change-over) or manual (5-min change-over) adjusting. It can automatically recognize notches, flats and double flats on standard semi- or transparent wafers.

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Optional features include lifting pin for blade type endeffector; aligning thin and warped wafers; high precision wafer alignment (sub 5-micron) and wafer-on-wafer alignments. We also offer manual-feed aligner and ID reader for non production/lab use.