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Bridge Edge Gripper for 6-and 8-inc wafer
Non-contact 6"/8" Bridge Edge Gripper

Applied the Soft Touch mechanism means that gripping tips do not shoot on the wafer, but gently touch (hug) the wafer edge. Its rotating distal gripping tips is a feature that allows for random access of 200mm wafers into small pitch cassette, boat or any narrow gates.

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Vortex Gripper for thin wafer
Vortex & Edge Gripper for thin wafer

This vortex end effector provides superior handling of all types of wafers, including thin wafers, with no contact between the wafer and end effectors.

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Edge Grip Wafer Aligner
Edge Grip Aligner

Wafer-Handling.Com’s EGP 200/300 is a powerful wafer alignment solution that yields 0.03° standard mode alignment operations in under 6 seconds and precision mode operations of 0.01°.

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wafer mapping sensor
Through Beam Mapping Sensor

Wafer-Handling.Com’s wafer mapping sensors offer a cost effective and reliable means of mapping wafers and detecting slotting errors in all kinds of slotted carriers regardless of size, substrate material, or coatings.

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Thin Wafer Wand
Thin Wafer Handling Wand

* Use for 4”~12”, 50 µm thin to standard thickness; warped, bumped or perforated wafer, glass, or solar cell * Compatibility with most standard cassettes, FOUP/FOSB & HWS (horizontal wafer shipping box)

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When a wafer is too precious to break or chip...

The reason for choosing is when you need a handling tool that keeps 100% of your wafers from breakage, chipping and contamination; or when the 3-decade old vacuum hanlders hit the limit of handling today's wafers...

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Wafer gripper with built-in mapper
Edge Gripper with built in through beam mapping sensor


Vacuum end effector with built in through beam mapping sensor


Absolute encode flipper module for all brands of robots


High speed vacuum chuck edge grip aligner